november 2014                                                                                              eng fr

Five years from now, my "words" started to pile up. Some of them were phrases picked up from the works of a poet, a philosopher, a scientist or a writer. Some others were found out with the times, the present, the past and the future (who knows!). They are designed to build up only one "sign", a single object without coma or accent, which enables to sculpt it.

The accumulation makes a patant a « naked thought »:
without context (it refers only to itself),
without intent (it leaves the door wide open to interpretation) ,
straight talk (it is accessible, full, located at the precise point where joins the infinitely simple and infinitely complex).

Built with glazed pottery, concrete, bronze, recycled carton, raw or painted, monumental or tiny, those « words » convert an idea into a thing.

Giving spatial dimension to a word, in a human-carnal-calligraphic shape, a “words sculpture” intends to have the audience experience the meaning itself more than its reading. It reveals the unsaid, the implicit, what we think we do not know, and about topics which are wider than what we are being told.

naked thought la pensée nue